These sequences are thought out to provide you with specific poses that I have found to be helpful in complementing your sport, activities or fitness.

Sharing my ideas on sequences that I use for building strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

These sequences are a guide only.

Please practice with respect for your own body.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy - Yoga Flows, information and poses for each trimester. FIRST TRIMESTER - Weeks 1-12 Hi mums to be! Congratulations! What an exciting (and nervous) time the first ...
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Yoga for Hamstrings

Ah Hamstrings! Use these yoga sequences to create some length in tight hamstrings, release tension in your lower back and find more space, ease and comfort in your body. As ...
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Yoga for Hips

Online Yoga Classes for Hips Ah the hips! Yoga is a great way to increase your range of motion in hips and decrease tightness and tension in the lower back. Use ...
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Yoga for Surfers

Yoga and Surfing go together like Peanut butter and honey - perfectly. Try these yoga sequences below to build strength in your body to be able to surf longer, find ...
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“I was always very sceptical of yoga until doing one of Nikki’s classes. She creates such a comfortable environment, enabling you to learn and progress in the practice of yoga, also helping you quieten the ‘judge within’ in the process. You always leave Nikki’s classes rejuvenated, both in body and mins, to take on the day.”

Philip Reid