Eco Clothing Range

Recycled Fishing Net Polyester Fabric Yoga Pants

Salt and Seed yoga and surf leggings are made of reclaimed fishing nets and post consumer waste.

650.000 tons of fishing nets are left on the bottom of our oceans.

These discarded fishing nets are one of the greatest threats to ocean life. Ocean currents leads these synthetic nets to mass together, which can drift for years as they barely breakdown. They end up trapping ocean animals and fish or getting caught on reefs, destroying them.

Salt and Seed Yoga and Surf Range is – Saving the ocean one pair of yoga pants at a time.

  • High waisted and camel toe free!
  • They have a shiny look and feel like a second skin.
  • Quick Drying

$60 + postage

Sizes XS – S – M – L (sizes – XS and S – SOLD OUT)

Your outfit has the ability to influence your mood. If your having a bad day, you can turn it all around by putting on something you love!  If a pair of shoes can change cinderella’s life, imagine what the right yoga leggings can do! Save the world and look and feel good while doing it in

Salt and Seed.

Recycled Fishing Net Polyester Fabric Yoga Crops



Organic Bamboo Range

Designed for maximum comfort to be worn for yoga, lounge and everything in between.

Produced in small quantities for consideration of the environment. All off cuts are recycled and reused.

Our bamboo range is designed in Australia, made in Bali, worn worldwide.

Women’s Range:

Mens Range: sold out


Avoid washing with towels as the cotton pills may stick to the pants fabric

Wash with similar fabrics – no buttons, zippers, clasps, etc

Too much detergent can weaken fabric

Avoid using fabric softener – it will ruin any wicking ability the leggings have

Wash in cold – keep the colour vibrant and keep the integrity of the fabric

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