SECONDS - Hemp and Eco Rubber Yoga Mat - Brown Earth

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Hemp and eco rubber yoga mat.

Thank you so much for choosing to re-home a Salt and Seed seconds. 

Salt and Seed seconds are still made from the same eco friendly rubber and hemp weave, but due to a few visual flaws and production errors they fall short of our  extremely high standards.


Salt and Seed yoga mats are made from eco friendly rubber, containing NO heavy metals, phathalates, dioxins, furans or phenal.

To make the least impact on the environment, our yoga mats are reinforced with hemp as it is a highly renewable resource that puts little strain on the soil. Hemp has minimal impact on the nutrients in the soil and environment that it is grown in, making it the perfect eco friendly option. 

The hemp surface provides texture for extra grip.

The uplifting turquoise colour was chosen to represent the ocean and our dedication to protecting it. Every time you roll out your mat you can feel confident that your conscious choices are helping to be kinder to the environment. 

What makes a Salt and Seed yoga mat a second? 

Seconds may include one or some of the items listed.

- blurry logo printing

- Excess rubber on top surface

- Discolour hemp in places

- small holes/marks in rubber

*Seconds come with a jute carry strap*



6mm thickness



Since our seconds do not meet our extremely high standards, I cannot guarantee their durability and do not know how they will wear in over time.