Base/First Charka Roller

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5ml Roller bottle with a beautiful blend of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, topped with liquid coconut oil, to assist with balancing the base/first chakra - Muladhara.


The base/root chakra (muladhara)

Located at the base of the spine and is associated with stability, security and survival. The base chakra creates the foundation for the following chakras and the foundation on which we build our life. Symbolised by the colour red and governed by the Element Earth.

To assist with feeling grounded and connected to the earth, roll oils onto bottoms of feet before yoga practice or meditation.

  • Frankincense
    • Frankincense essential oil has a warm and earthy aroma, promoting connection and grounding to the natural world. With antidepressant and sedative qualities, it is a soothing and calming that helps to connect the crown and the root chakras.
  • Cedarwood
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil has a deep woodsy aroma that has a stable tree energy making it beneficial in helping to feel grounded and connected to the earth beneath you. A nurturing oil that promotes calming, giving you a sense of ease and confidence in your capabilities.
  • Vetiver
    • Vetiver essential oil has a deep earthy, smokey and woodsy aroma making it extremely calming, centering, sedative and grounding. This profoundly spiritual oil is beneficial in bringing you into a space of reflection, connection and meditation. Vetiver assists in connecting the root chakra and the crown chakra.
  • Botanicals - Hibiscus Flower
Always patch test first and be mindful of using on sensitive and mature skin, or while pregnant or breastfeeding. Not recommended for use on baby skin. Please use your own judgement when applying oils and always do your own research to see if the oils are appropriate for you.