Hi, Im Nikki, owner, operator and creator of Salt and Seed, a small business dedicated to making a positive impact using the information I have. I am a yoga teacher, lover of travel and passionate about creating a lighter impact on the world.

Salt and Seed was created out of a desire to lighten our footprint from the rise in the popularity of yoga. In Australia alone, nearly two million people are now practicing yoga. This is amazing that people are realising the benefits yoga can bring to their lives and everyday more people are starting to practice.

With the rise in people practicing, there is also a rise in the amount of yoga mats purchased. If each of the two million people practising yoga currently use only five yoga mats in their life that are not eco-friendly, are able to be re-purposed or reused, then there is the potential of ten million yoga mats ending up in landfill.

I wanted to yoga mat that would last, was kind to the environment and was affordable for people starting out on their yoga journey. Salt and Seed was created with this in mind. Salt and Seed yoga mats are designed to last, using eco friendly rubber and sustainable hemp to give them a longer life.

I have put a lot of love, time and money into researching my products. I have had many samples from many materials and through this process I am able to deliver to my customers a quality product that aims to put less stress on the environment. After much research searching for a company locally and overseas to produce my mats in small quantities and had a high standard of eco friendly practices, I found a Chinese manufacturing company that fitted with my values. 

I am constantly researching new options and more sustainable approaches to production and distribution. We can all make a difference. Start where you are, be passionate about learning and continue to challenge yourself to make kinder choices, for yourself, for others and for the world we share. 

Thank you for reading a little bit about how Salt and Seed came to life and where I stand in moving forward.



Salt and Seed is an ethical lifestyle brand who is focused on sustainability and minimising the impact on our ocean and earth.


I care about the wellbeing of our planet and aim to inspire you to live passionately and tread lightly. To Connect to all with compassion, to Conserve our beautiful planet and to Create a mindful life.