Yin Yoga

Yin practices bring our bodies sensitivity into poses, finding our appropriate edge and moving into the furthest range of motion, compassionately and mindfully. Practicing this way we find a tolerable depth of stretch, we learn to place ourselves in mildly uncomfortable positions, we begin to find calmness in positions we once we found stress and tension, we begin to release tension where we once stored it.

Yin allows the body to slowly open, teaches us to calmly observe what arises, without tensing against it. This slowly develops our ability to tone down our nervous systems and enjoy the feelings of calmness and release.

Have pillows, blankets, cushions, towels, bolsters so that you can support your body in the poses.

Either listen to the voice recording and interpret the poses how ever you like, or use the pictures and take 5-20 breaths in each before slowly moving to the next pose.

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