Restorative Yoga Sequences

A slow and calming practice to relax muscles at the end of the day, slow heart rate, release clutter in the mind and prepare you for a restful night sleep.

Take some time just for you – to completely restore body, mind and breath with slow, mindful movements to release tightness, holding poses gently to dissolve tension, stress and worries and long deep breaths to calm and clear the mind.

These practices will leave you feeling completely released, replenished and restored.

  • Turn the voice recordings on to practice the sequence exactly as I taught them in class, or follow the pictures, spending 10 or so natural calm breaths in each pose.

  • Have pillows, cushions, blankets, blocks, bolsters handy so that you can support yourself as much as needed in poses.

  • All recordings are done live in classes that I teach so they come complete with background noisecore the place I am teaching in.


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