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Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics With Yoga Basics, we take a step back and revisit common poses to explore alignment, modifications, how to avoid injuries and the benefits of the poses. Practice Yoga ...
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Restorative Yoga Sequences A slow and calming practice to relax muscles at the end of the day, slow heart rate, release clutter in the mind and prepare you for a ...
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Gentle Flow

Morning Yogis! Wake up mind and body for a fresh start to you day with these wonderful flowing sequences. Wake your body gently with these slow flowing sequences to set ...
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Detox Retox

Use these twisty yoga sequences to flush out the old and create space for the new. Fluid classes focusing on twists, heart opening poses and deep breathing to release toxins in ...
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Core Strength Vinyasa

Connect to your centre of power, your strength, wisdom and knowledge - your inner voice, with these powerful yoga sequences designed to light a fire in your belly and challenge ...
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Yin Yoga Yin practices bring our bodies sensitivity into poses, finding our appropriate edge and moving into the furthest range of motion, compassionately and mindfully. Practicing this way we find a ...
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You can either practice along to the voice cues and interpret my instructions however you choose, there is no right and wrong way to practice remember! Or you can follow along with the videos that I have recorded after.

Im new to this guys, getting better each day! Its a practice right! The more we do, the easier and more effortless it becomes! Same with the voice recording and videos!

Voice recordings are from live classes that I have taught, complete with background noise of construction, rain and music bloppers!

No editing, no second takes. Very raw takes of the classes I teach. I most certainly need a better voice recorder than my iphone and a better way to film than my ipad, but I wanted to start sharing with you, to show you that conditions don’t have to be perfect to start doing what you love.

Start where you are, start with what you have and grown as you learn. Figure it out along the way, for, it is not the destination that matters, but the journey!



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“With her gentle ways and pixie charm, Nikki has a knack for helping you to find exactly what your mind and body need. It is very apparent that she loves what she does and this shines through in every practice”

Kerri Head