Eco Baby Wipes

Eco Baby Wipes

These eco paper towel baby wipes are a great alternative to store bought wipes that may have hidden ingredients and excess packaging.

Since bringing our baby Mala home I am trying hard to keep toxins and chemicals out of our home and especially off her skin. I had been holding off making these as, with many things, I put them in the too hard basket or thought I would not be able to access the ingredients, but these eco paper towel baby wipes are easy to make, easy to use and puts your mind at ease knowing exactly what you are putting on your babies precious skin.


  • Viva paper towel
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Castile soap
  • Roman Chamomile EO
  • Lavender EO
  • Tea Tree EO
  • Frankincense EO

Also needed

  • Round container with lid
  • Knife


I reused a honey container, perfect size and has a little handle to carry the wipes. 


I have tried other paper towels but they are a bit thin. Viva seems to be the best but I do want to try Who gives a crap paper towel! Let me know if you have used it and how it went.


Fractionated coconut oil stays in liquid form so it distributes through the paper towel evenly and doesn't set in the cold weather making the paper towel stiff. 


If you are using a plastic container to store your wipes, the castile soap helps to act as a barrier to protect the integrity of the Essential Oils from the plastic. 


I didn't have Roman Chamomile when I made my first batch of wipes, but now I use Roman Chamomile instead of Frankincense.

1 drop of each Essential Oil is plenty for the wipes, but if you want to leave them out they are just as great using only water and coconut oil. 


Cut the paper towel to the size of your container. I used the smaller piece for face wipes in a shallower container with just water and coconut oil.



Put the uncut edge in first to soak up half the liquid.


Then flip it over and push all the way down to soak up the rest so that the liquid meets in the middle of the paper towel so you know it is distributed evenly. 


Pull the first wipe from the middle to get started!

Keep a lid on the container so the wipes dont dry out. They should last 1-2 weeks depending on how many you use each nappy change. 


These eco baby wipes were inspired by Leia Blissful Being and The Ocean Gypsy who both have great tips on eco friendly alternatives and ways to live a present and conscious life.