Hi! I’m Nikki, owner, operator and creator of Salt and Seed. I am a yoga teacher, lover of travel and passionate about creating a lighter impact on the world.

Salt and Seed was created out of a desire to lighten our footprint from the rise in popularity of yoga. In Australia alone, nearly two million people are now practicing yoga! This is amazing that people are realising the benefits yoga can bring to their lives and everyday more are turning to the practice.

With the rise in people practicing, there is also a rise in the amount of yoga mats purchased. If each of the two million people that are practicing yoga currently use only five yoga mats in their life that are not eco-friendly, are able to be re-purposed or are able to be reused, then that is the potential of ten million yoga mats ending up in landfill.

I wanted a yoga mat that would last, was kind to the environment and was affordable for people starting out on their yoga journey. Salt and Seed was created with this in mind. Salt and Seed yoga mats are designed to last, using eco-friendly rubber and sustainable hemp to give them a longer life.

The manufacturing company that produce for Salt and Seed is committed to eco-friendly practices in their production and are always sourcing new ways to make a lighter impact.

I am constantly researching new options and more sustainable approaches to production and distribution. We can all make a difference. Start where you are, be passionate about learning and continue to challenge yourself to make kinder choices, for yourself, for others and for the world we share.

Thank you for reading a little bit about how Salt and Seed came to life and where we stand in moving forward. If you would like to know more about me, please read on.

A little about me

Hi! My name is Nikki, creator of Salt and Seed, Eco yoga brand and Balanced Beet Yoga, an online resource for yoga videos and inspiration.

I completed my first teacher training in 2013 in LA with Yoga for Surfers and has spent the last few years traveling the world, completing three more trainings and exploring the beautiful diversity of the different forms of yoga.

With the foundations of my practice and training stemming from a vinyasa style, my classes are fluid and flowing, linking movement with breath, focusing on tuning in with the body and moving with awareness.

I am passionate about life and about yoga and my style is a fusion of what has resonated most with me, it is always evolving, just as we are always evolving.
My classes tend to lean a little towards the stronger side, however with a slower and steady pace at which I teach there is an option for everyone to adjust as needed. Yoga is about feeling good about yourself and moving in a way that benefits you.

I truly believe in the benefits of all forms of yoga. There is a style and a teacher to suit everyone. Yoga is for everybody.

I teach regular pop up donation yoga classes as I want yoga to be accessible to everybody. Like most people, I have had times when money is low, and its at these times that I feel I need yoga the most, but cannot afford it, with the average around $20 a class.

Everybody can benefit from yoga, everybody deserves to have access to yoga, so in my donation classes, all I ask is that you pay honestly what you can afford on the day. There is no suggested amount and I’m not asking students to pay what they think the class was worth, just to pay what you can afford, what is fair for both you and me.

Making yoga accessible to everyone is very important to me. Yoga creates awareness in the mind leading to mindful actions. The more people practicing the more awareness is created, with awareness comes compassion and with more compassion in the world the love is created.

With yoga, pose by pose, we can fill the world with love.

I look forward to practicing with you soon!



Completed Trainings

2013 – 100Hr YTT Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training – Peggy Hall – California

2014 – 200Hr YTT Two Lifestyles, One Lifetime – Les Leventhal – Ubud

2015 – 200Hr YTT Exquisite Metamorphosis – Meghan Currie – Balian

2016 – 60Hr TT Power Yoga – Bryan Kest – Online

2017 – Pre/Postnatal and Kids Yoga Teacher Training – Lauren Prindiville – Canggu

2017 – 5 Day Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Training – Octavio SalvadoCanggu

Interviews and Bios

Dream Chasers – Soul Surf n Yoga

My amazing friend Jess from Soul Surf n Yoga has started Dream Chasers –

a series of interviews with women who are working hard to turn their dreams into reality. Women who choose their own path, who follow their heart, run their own business, and do what they love no matter what.

And I am so grateful to be apart of this! Read all about how I chased my dreams (and still am), my fears, obstacles and inspiration in the link below.

Dream Chaser Interviews


Keep Spirit – Inspirational Blog

Ayurvedic Therapist, Designer, Intuitive, Rieki Master and Yoga Teacher Emily, from Keep Spirit, has created an amazing platform in the form of a blog on her website to inspire people to realise their soul purpose by sharing personal and spiritual stories of growth from people living their dreams.

Emily, guided by her intuition, is on her journey to realise her true purpose in life and through Keep Spirit, she is connecting people from all over the world to embrace their true selves and create the life of their dreams.

I hope to inspire, help and motive others to find their inner voice, connect with their own intuition and ultimately find their true purpose in life. 

Keep Spirit founder, Emily, has interviewed some amazingly inspirational people and I am so honoured to be featured among them. Read all about what inspires and motivates me, my top three values and my mantra to live by in the link below.

Keep Spirit Talks


Keep Spirit




“I had the pleasure of taking Nikki’s classes while in Bali. Loved her routines and her coaching. She is beautiful inside and out. Wonderfully, naturally gifted teacher that radiates compassion. Namaste Nikki.”

Patricia Garcia

Credits: Ursula Hoult


For more information please CONTACT me. xx


  1. Awesome job with the website so far Nikki, the vids and clothing range etc look awesome congrats!!!

  2. Beautiful website Nikki, just finished my first Detox Retox Flow. Looking forward to doing more of your classes. Love the clothing range, the colours are beautiful. xo

  3. Nikki was such an amazing teacher. I got inspired so much by her style, her energy and her skill that I decided to dwell more into yoga. So here I am some 4 months later in Rishikesh india on my 500h teacher training program.
    Thanks again for the amazing time!!

    1. Dominique this is such a beautiful message to receive! I’m so stoked for you to be completing your 500hr! And in India! Wow! That’s amazing!
      I am so honoured that I was able to be apart of your journey.

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