Taking time for you – 23rd July 2017


Taking time for you – 23rd July 2017

It’s important that we take quality time for ourselves to replenish and restore our energy and to re-connect to our place of compassion, understand, respect and love.

We give to others so much more effortlessly, when we give ourselves the time we need to restore. To release what we don’t need, to drop the pressure we put on ourselves and to give our bodies what they need.

When we are tense the body uses energy, when we are relaxed body restores energy. So use the yoga sequence to soften into your body and breath. Do less. Give yourself some space and time to be completely with yourself.

I release all things that no longer nourish, benefit or serve me. I welcome new changes, lessons, ideas. I welcome new opportunities to grow, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  1. Seated – alternate nostril breathing
  2. Savasana
  3. Hug Knees
  4. Easy Twist
  5. Happy Baby
  6. Hug 1 Knee
  7. 1 Leg Twist
  8. Seated – spinal rolls
  9. Rock Baby
  10. Fire Log Pose
  11. Childs Pose
  12. Cat/Cow
  13. Recline Butterfly – bolster support
  14. Savasana

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