Restorative – Trust – 12th July 2017


Trust – 12th July 2017

Give yourself time at the end of your day to be completely with yourself, just as you are, to make peace with your day, to release your stresses and worries, to let your obligations and responsibilities slip away and to sink back into you so you can reconnect to your inner wisdom and inner voice.

Trust your process and soften into these poses. Think less and feel more as you let your body lead the way and let the mind take a back seat. Trust that you know what is best for you and with gentle movement and restful holds, start to let yourself restore body, mind and breath. Less effort, more comfort.

May your thoughts be calm and clear, may your words be kind and true and may you always act from a place of love and peace.

  1. Seated
  2. Seated Arm Movement
  3. Seated Side Bends
  4. Seated – Neck Stretches
  5. Butterfly Pulses
  6. Seated Tree Forward Fold
  7. Wide Tree Forward Fold
  8. Side Bend over Bent Knee
  9. Diamond Forward Fold
  10. Seated Movement
  11. Recline Butterfly
  12. Savasana

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