Bali Wander Retreat 12th-24th November 2017



12th November – 24th November 2017

12 magical days of yoga, surf, adventure and restoring! Join me on this amazing retreat that travels bali, Gili Meno and Lombok for a truly unforgettable experience.

Click Here For All the Information on this Amazing Bali Wander Retreat

Use the code word “Nikki” in the – How did you hear about us? section to secure your place.

Check out this awesome video from Exhale Yoga Retreats!

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  1. Wow
    That looks amazing !!!

    Are you still going to have operation September in Oz ?

    I am now living in Bali up North looking for amazing Yoga teachers like you & Mikki !!

    Look forward to dropping by Serenity a place I also love very much !!!

    I Would like my story
    to be also shared & told !!!

    Former Waldorf Steiner School Student finished in 1975 Glenaeon Sydney and parent of four attended Chrysalis Steiner School Thora

    I am an former resident of Bellingen Shire & then northern beaches at Emerald Beach

    i now live part time in Bali and

    run an Eco Tourism Health Retreat

    I wish to make connection with locals my old friends from past events I of which I was was involved in many community activities from 1996 to 2005

    (Lived in Thora , Repton then Bellingen
    From 1994 to 2005 )
    Involved in creating events for Bellingen Shire and raised my Four beautiful Children In Thora at Steiner School.

    I was involved in
    BEC plant fair to creating & designing planned organised the first alternative house tour for the Shire in 2000
    ( that I know of )

    Reopened the inactive Bellingen Arts Council
    Suggested the mosaic proposal for courthouse

    Also put on events fundraisers & activities for saving native forest

    And first to initiate
    mixing the arts & environment issues & activities

    By creating the “LEAF Festival ”
    With local artist Steiner teacher Will Smith

    Putting together an event and
    At the old commonwealth bank
    And memorial Hall

    “Elements of Alchemy ” in 2000 & 2001

    I loved the community & was active in the community and lifestyle,
    until I tragically lost my home to house fire on Bundilla Community near Steiner School Thora which was of course devastating.

    I have trained & worked as a pediatric Nurse, Community Careworker & Disability Careworker since leaving Bellingen.

    I would like to reach out to the many Alternative educated and trained local talents and business people in the community.

    With aim to help create a sister city joint collaboration to encourage tutors teachers of yoga , healing , permaculture, Reduce Waste practices to educate the local Balinese people for protection of their own natural surrounds and habitats to maintain Eco tourism activities for Bali & Australian partnerships employment and education .

    Activities to be hosted and welcomed to share cultural ties and free economic trade with Bali from within the arts musicians painters sculptors image developers to Design Building Web production to promote sustainability to permaculture,

    to mind body , spirit , health and vapassana meditation

    Yoga teachers & trainers of all alternative health , creative environmental management skills are invited to run their own workshops Retreats here at Sacred River Eco Health Retreat !!

    Come to our place to holiday workaway to develop this new refurbished 30 year old retreat built by an Australian ExPat Mosaic Artist
    Called the “Shankari Villa ”

    Your welcome & look forward to an exchange of cultures

    Let us know

    When are you thinking of the dates for your trip & for how many people ?

    We can provide pick up transport from airport

    Balinese massage $20 hour

    Beginners yoga only one on one

    What activity you want ?

    The rooms all have own bathroom

    Standard Room $45 night

    3 nights @ $40 night $ =$120

    Deluxe room $55 night

    Seven nights =$385 week

    All rooms &
    Prices include breakfast only

    We have Restuarant here with meals starting for each dish around $2.50 to $4.00 each

    Three swimming pools

    Close to Balian beach river

    “Sacred River Eco – Health Retreat ”

    Old name Shankari Villa
    I am new owner this week !

    Can run your own workshops


    What’s app

    Thank you for any further enquiry ♥️🙏🏻

    1. Lovely to hear from you Kristin. I hear the north is beautiful! I will have to make it up there one day. Yes surgery in September- it’s getting closer!
      Thank you for sharing your story! Your retreat place sounds amazing!

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