Inner Beauty and Strength – 18th June 2017


Inner Beauty and Strength -18th June 2017

You are good enough, exactly as you are. Let’s stop being so harsh to ourselves, let’s release the pressure we have to stack and measure up to others and their lives. It’s time to quiet your inner critic that can drag you down, to stop comparing yourself to others, to release judgements and to start embracing who you are.

As who you are, your true being is strong, beautiful, unique, special and necessary. You, just as you are – are good enough.

There is an inner beauty about someone who believes in themself, who know they are capable of anything that they put their mind to.

There is beauty in the strength and determination of someone who follows their own path, who isn’t thrown off by obstacles.

There is a beauty about someone who’s confidence comes from experiences, who knows they can fall, pick themselves up and move on.

You are that someone. Be you. Go confidently and courageously in the direction of dreams.

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  1. Savasana
  2. Wide Leg Childs Pose
  3. Seated Childs Pose
  4. Hero Pose
  5. Lizard Pose
  6. Runners Lunge Forward Fold
  7. 1/2 Hero Forward Fold
  8. Stag Leg Forward Fold
  9. Happy Baby Pose
  10. Reclining Hug Knees
  11. Savasana

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