Shine Bright – 30th May 2017


Shine Bright – 30th May 2017

You are worthy, you are special, you are beautiful and you are necessary. The biggest obstacle in achieving whatever you want in life, doesn’t come from external sources, it comes from within. Our thoughts, attachments, judgements about ourselves can be limitations in allowing ourselves to shine.

Remember that you are already everything you need to be, you are already enough. We just need to start to remove all the layers of doubt, fear and insecurity that we have piled on top. Underneath all that lays the best version of you. Allow yourself to be completely you and shine through, in all of your beauty, with all of your gifts and talents. Start one layer at a time, support yourself, pay attention to your needs and reconnect to you.

Now is your time to shine.

Lift you heart to shine your light, bow your head to respect what is inside of you. Remember that you are already brilliant, like a diamond. Taking care of yourself is like polishing this diamond – bit by bit it shines just a little more brighter, just like you do.

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  1. Savasana
  2. Recline Hug Knees
  3. Easy Twist
  4. Hug 1 Knee
  5. 1 Knee Twist
  6. Seated
  7. Reclining Bound Butterfly
  8. Savasana

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