Support – 25th May 2017


Support – 25th May 2017

Give your body the support it needs in this deeply supportive yin yoga sequence. Tune into your feelings and sensations with compassion and respect what your body is communicating with you. Sink deeper into you and start to reconnect to the place inside you where there is enormous respect for the body you have. Support yourself on the mat and support yourself in life by tuning into what your body needs and giving it.

I am free in mind, body and spirit. I am calm, balanced and focused. I am deeply present, content and happy in the moment, now and always.

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  1. Supported Recline Butterfly
  2. Recline Heart Opener
  3. Savasana
  4. Stag Leg Twist
  5. Tree Pose Forward Fold
  6. Savansa
  7. Recline Supported Twist
  8. Savasana

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