Love – 27th April 2017

Love – 27th April 2017

Release into this yin practice and connect to your heart so you wholeheartedly feel love for yourself and offer it freely to others.

“All thoughts, words and actions come from a place of love”

ps. There are a few renovations going on during this recording. Do your best to tune them out and focusing on opening your heart, as challenging as it can be, as annoying as the noise may be, move from a place of love.

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  1. Love this class. Have done it live and twice online. However there is a transition at the 1:00:00 mark that I can’t quite figure out. Appreciate any advice on the transition from waterfall pose to the next pose.

    1. Hi Ursula!
      Thanks so much for your feedback! Yes I know the place you are talking about! (How did I forget to take a picture of waterfall Pose!)
      From supported bridge Pose – move to waterfall Pose (legs straight up in the air or Knees into chest with blocks or bolster under bum)
      – I then put two bolsters on the Yogis mats that the length of their lower legs so when they come out of waterfall – theirs legs are supported by the bolsters (does that make sense?) in the picture labelled – supportive bridge legs on bolsters – it might be clearer to see what I mean!

      So updated pictures for this sequence from me I think!

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