Let your light shine – 15th May 2017

Let your Light Shine – 15th May 2017

We all have a gift, it is our purpose to share it, not hide it. We are in competition with no one, when we let our light, our talents and gifts shine through, there is room for us all.

When we share our gifts, when we live to our fullest potential, we help others live to theirs. When we shine, we recognise that we are special and share our light, we allow others to do the same. When we see the best in ourselves, we see the best in others and together we can lift each other up, we can empower each other to become more passionate about what we can achieve when we see the best in each other and allows all of us to shine.

See the best in you. Shine through and allow yourself to be all you can be. By allowing yourself to be you, you inspire others to be them.

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