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Salt and Seed yoga is home for all your yoga needs. This is a website that is evolving daily, just as we are.

I wanted to start this page and make it available to you, even though it is far from perfect, as a work in progress, to hopefully encourage you that things don’t have to be perfect in order for you to start them. You just need to start, what ever it is you want to do in life, the perfect time is now. Learn and grow as you go, try things out, reflect and regroup – evolve. The best way to reach your dream, is to simply begin. Start, in every little way, working your way towards what you are passionate about, what brings you joy. Start living your life and sharing your purpose.

Salt and Seed Yoga is my passion and I hope my purpose is to share all things yoga so we can all be inspired to live a life that is unique to us and all reach our full potential.

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Up coming Retreats will be listed here! Keep checking back for updates.

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Free Online Yoga

  • In this section I have recorded and filmed heaps of yoga classes of varying lengths and styles and am giving them to you for free! These classes have all been voice recording live in classes I have taught (with the consent of my students) and then later filmed with me doing the yoga class for you to follow along with!
  • They are free as sometimes there are background noises, sometimes we have a chat in class, sometimes the music is too loud! I wanted to make free online yoga classes and kept putting them off, waiting for the perfect time. As we all know, the perfect time is now! So here they are! Unedited, raw and completely as I taught them in class! Enjoy xx

Yoga For

  • In this section I have voice recorded, also live in class, yoga sequences for specific areas of the body and for specific activities.
    • Yoga for Surfers
    • Yoga for Hamstrings
    • Yoga for Hips


  • Find out my next retreat location, dates and information


  • Salt and Seed Yoga and so happy to be able to create eco friendly yoga mats and eco friendly yoga apparel! We have amazing hemp and eco rubber yoga mats, vegan suede and natural rubber yoga mats and a wide range of bamboo and recycled fishing net fabric yoga and surf apparel that is growing!


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